Very Fine Connecticut Four-Drawer Serpentine Chippendale Chest 

New London County, c. 1780. H: 32", Case Width: 32.75", D: 20”. Side overhang of top: 3.25". Cherry, white pine. A recent discovery, the chest was found 20 miles north of Norwich, Ct. First time on the market, and in fine original condition, including original large brass hardware. Minor repair to 2/3 of bead on bottom of right proper front foot. 

Exhibiting a bold concept and dynamic proportions this chest has design and construction features consistent with the Norwich school, possibly the circle of Felix Huntington, (1749-1822).  A similar chest displaying the identical vertical inlay on the drawer fronts (suggesting a blocked facade), and recorded as Norwich, is featured as plate # 50in "New London County Furniture, 1640-1840", Lyman Allyn Museum, 1974. The dovetails exhibit the same profile as other New London County chests, and the original brasses are identical to the brasses on the documented Felix Huntington desk New London County Furniture, pl. 58. 

About Time

Three very fine early hourglasses in excellent condition
L to R:
Unusually large and beautifully turned wooden hourglass. England or Germany, early 19th c. ; 12” h.
For a related hourglass, cf. Attali, Memoire de Sabliers, p.. 128. SOLD.
Rare diminutive 18th c.  brass traveling hourglass.
Prob. France, 2nd quarter 18th c. ; 3 1/2” h.

Wooden hourglass in original bayberry green paint.
Late 17th c.- early 18th c.; 8 1/2” h. 

Winter 1605

A wonderful carved panel depicting a charming interior scene with an old man, and a young man tending a fire, while the cat perches on a chair trying to keep warm. On the left side, a man driving hogs to the market, a task traditionally done in winter. Carved from the solid, in original paint, and dated in paint “1605” just above the cat. The panel is now displayed in a well-crafted 19th c. hinged box with glass top, but removes easily. On the reverse of the case is an 1940 typed note describing the carving, and on the reverse of the panel is carved, “This is dated in two places, 1605. One is scratched on the Timber, above the left hand of the Old Man, the other is Painted above the Cat. It was known from good authority to have been for some years in the possession of Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patricks Dub.“

Holland or Germany, 1605. Panel: 9 1/2” x 15”. Case: 11 1/2’ X 17"


Two "GR" Jugs and a Friend

L to R:

A large German stoneware "GR" jug in fine condition, made for the English market. Westerwald, c. 1720-30. 10" h. 
$ 1750.

Small German stoneware "GR" mug in fine condition, made for the English market. Westerwald, c. 1760.
$ 875.

Diminutive German stoneware jug, c. 1550. 3 1/4" h. 
$ 475.