Prior Portrait of Child with Mug

American, c. 1840.  
An unusually expressive portrait of a young child holding a mug. Attributed to William Matthew Prior.
Oil on academy board in excellent condition; in period but not original frame.
10 ¼” x 14 ¾” (sight); 14 ½” x 17 ¼” (framed).  

Unlike most primitive portraits of children by Prior, this painting truly conveys a sense of the sitter and the emotion this child is feeling at being made to sit for this portrait. The expression on his face is that of a young child feeling both impatience and resignation… a wish for this “sitting" to be over.

$ 15,000.

Charles I Dated Mortar

Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, 1637.
A rare and impressive 4-handled bronze mortar with owner’s initials “JTD", fleur-de-lys frieze, cruciform stamp, and date “1637” by William Oldfield.
6 3/4” h., 8 1/4” diam.
Some casting cracks on surface.

$ 3800. 

This mortar is pictured on the cover of Finlay, English Decorated Bronze Mortars and Their Makers, and is discussed on p. 151; formerly in the collection of the author.

Rhenish Stoneware Jug

Raeren, Germany, c. 1585-1600.
A beautifully shaped and detailed jug with unusually fine face mask in fine condition.
Small chip with hairline on underside of jug; 1/2” chip to rim of foot; evidence of lid now missing.
8 1/4” h. 
For related pieces, cf. Klinge, Duits steengoed, German Stoneware, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, pp. 24-7.

$ 3200.

Westerwald Stoneware Jugs

(L) Westerwald, Germany, last quarter 17th c.
A large and impressive bulbous stoneware jug with flowers and vine decoration in excellent condition. 10 1/2" h.
For related pieces, cf. Unger, Die Kunst des deutschen Steinzugs, p. 181, fig. 147.
$ 2400.

(R) Westerwald, Germany made for the English market, 2nd quarter 18th c. 
A fine diminutive "GR" mug with unusual sunburst motif in excellent condition. 5 1/4” h. 

Quillwork Diorama

English or Continental, c. 1670-80.
An extremely rare and charming 17th c. quillwork or rolled paper diorama featuring two portrait miniatures centered by a castle, and two baskets of flowers. No doubt intended to celebrate an aristocratic marriage, the work reputedly features Mary of Modena and James II.
In excellent color and condition; in later frame. 
Painted and gilded rolled paper, watercolor portraits, on silk background.



Two Westerwald Jugs

L to R:
Westerwald, Germany, made for the British market, c. 1730.
Large stoneware “GR” jug in excellent condition. 9 ½” h. SOLD.

Westerwald, Germany, made for the British market, mid 17th c.
Fine salt-glazed stoneware jug with appliques and mask; in fine condition. 10 ½” h. SOLD.

For a related piece, cf. German Stoneware, A Catalogue of the Frank Thomas Collection of German Stoneware, pl 305, and Unger, Die Kunst deutschen Steinzeugs, Collection Karl und Petra Amendt und der Krefelder Kunstmuseen, pl. 141.