Outstanding Steel

Best pair of double wedding ring hog scrapers we've seen.
Signed "Hidson" on tabs.
Birmingham, England, c. 1790.
10 1/4" h.
$ 2400. 

Beautiful 18th c. steel snuffer stand signed "Dowler."
Birmingham, England, c. 1760.

Rare Andirons

American, 2nd half 18th c. 
Extremely rare 18th c. American cast-iron andirons depicting men in 18th c. dress with tricorn hats,  smoking long pipes.
In fine condition.
12 1/2” h., 15” d.


A related pair is illustrated in Kauffman, The American Fireplace, wherein he notes their rarity and similarity to a pair illustrated on the trade card of Joseph Webb, Boston.

Exceptional Rushlight Holders

A group of three exceptional 18th c. rushlight holders on original treen bases with excellent patina.
Left to Right:

English, 18th c.
Extremely rare rushlight holder with twisted iron stem and counterweight arm on treen cross-base stand in fine old finish. 8” h.
$ 2200.

English, 18th c.
Rushlight with scrolled iron counterweight arm on treen base in fine old color. Vertical shrinkage crack to base. 11 1/2” h.
$ 1850.

English, 18th c. 
Finely wrought steel rushlight and candleholder on turned wooden base with old finish. Small vertical shrinkage crack to base. 10 1/4’ h.
$ 1850.


NW Europe, 16th c.
A very rare pair of signed 16th c. cast brass candlesnuffers depicting the figure of Victory beneath two cherubs crowning her with garlands. The handles are in the form of a male and female caryatid surmounting lion masks. 
Very tip of wick probe missing, with tiny break in one handle. 
7” l.
A similar, but more worn pair without a mark, is pictured in Bangs, The Lear Collection, p. 360, fig. 149 with description on p. 166.