Winter 1605

A wonderful carved panel depicting a charming interior scene with an old man, and a young man tending a fire, while the cat perches on a chair trying to keep warm. On the left side, a man driving hogs to the market, a task traditionally done in winter. Carved from the solid, in original paint, and dated in paint “1605” just above the cat. The panel is now displayed in a well-crafted 19th c. hinged box with glass top, but removes easily. On the reverse of the case is an 1940 typed note describing the carving, and on the reverse of the panel is carved, “This is dated in two places, 1605. One is scratched on the Timber, above the left hand of the Old Man, the other is Painted above the Cat. It was known from good authority to have been for some years in the possession of Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patricks Dub.“

Holland or Germany, 1605. Panel: 9 1/2” x 15”. Case: 11 1/2’ X 17"


Portraits of Peter and Catherine Ritter by Gerrit Schipper ( 1775-1832, active US 1802-07)

A fine pair of pastels on paper of Peter and Catherine Post Ritter, attrib. to Gerrit Schipper, c.1802-07. Born in Amsterdam in 1775, Schipper worked in New York, Charleston, Savannah, and Massachusetts from 1802 until 1807.
10 3/8” x 12 3/8.”

$ 4800. 

Peter and Catherine Post Ritter were residents of New York City and are buried there at St. George’s Church. Information on Catherine Post can be found in E. Moore Green, J.W. Jordan, and G.T. Ettinger, Douglass and Post Genealogy, 1905.

Prior Portrait of Child with Mug

American, c. 1840.  
An unusually expressive portrait of a young child holding a mug. Attributed to William Matthew Prior.
Oil on academy board in excellent condition; in period but not original frame.
10 ¼” x 14 ¾” (sight); 14 ½” x 17 ¼” (framed).  

Unlike most primitive portraits of children by Prior, this painting truly conveys a sense of the sitter and the emotion this child is feeling at being made to sit for this portrait. The expression on his face is that of a young child feeling both impatience and resignation… a wish for this “sitting" to be over.

Portrait of Dr. John Henry Livingston (1746-1825)

New York or New Jersey, c. 1810.
A very fine portrait of John Henry Livingston, the leader of the Dutch Reformed Church in America, and President Pro Tempore of Queen's College (later Rutgers). Several nearly identical versions of this painting exist and are in the collections of The New York Historical Society and Rutgers University. In her book, A Portrait of Livingston Manor 1686-1850, Ruth Piwonka attributes this painting to G.D. Abraham Tuthill, New York or New Jersey, c. 1810.
Oil on canvas; relined, with two minor 3" l. slits repaired bottom center.
28 1/2" x 34" framed.