Antiques in Manchester: The Collector's Fair
Aug 10

Antiques in Manchester: The Collector's Fair

  • Saint Anselm College

ow in our fourth fifth SIXTH year, this show offers a wide range of Antiques, Americana and Art for collectors at every level, with dealers who save their most exciting acquisitions for August. Whether you are the most sophisticated collector or just beginning, you will find many things to tempt you, so plan to spend several hours with us. Join in interesting conversation with the dealers and collectors from across the country who make the pilgrimage to New Hampshire for Antiques Week. It is an experience you will thoroughly enjoy and all of us look forward to welcoming you.

ADA Online Show
May 20

ADA Online Show

On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 10 AM, the Antiques Dealers’ Association of America will commence with the Spring Online Antiques Show. The show will run around the clock until Saturday, May 20 at 10:00 PM (at which time the show page will disappear and the show will be over and off the internet). No lines, no traffic, no bad weather, no tickets—this show can by enjoyed at any locale, at your leisure on one's desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show
Apr 23

Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show

  • The Navy Yard

Experience the finest examples in Colonial through mid-century fine and decorative arts including a diverse range of period furniture in American Federal, folk, and regional styles; antique silver, textiles, porcelain, and jewelry; nautical and Native American art; and antiquarian books and prints. You will also enjoy extensive offerings of many fine art galleries in the show this year

Connecticut Spring Antiques Show
Mar 26

Connecticut Spring Antiques Show

  • 360 Broad St. Hartford, CT, 06105 USA

The annual Connecticut Spring Antiques Show has long been the premier destination for those interested in quality early American furniture and decorative arts. The show, which has continuously attracted serious buyers, is a great venue for novice collectors and visitors interested in learning about the outstanding merchandise offered. Most of the dealers have been exhibiting at the show for years and they are always willing to impart their expertise and passion for Americana. The show’s exhibiting dealers are among the most distinguished and well-known in the industry.

The Haddam Historical Society, host of the show, is thrilled and honored to be at the landmark Hartford Armory, the original location of the show in 1973. 

Era of Elegance: Early America in 12 Objects, Lecture by Elliott Snyder at Scoville Library, Salisbury, CT
4:00 pm16:00

Era of Elegance: Early America in 12 Objects, Lecture by Elliott Snyder at Scoville Library, Salisbury, CT

  • Scoville Memorial Library

Some of the story of early America can be told through its material objects. Sources of light and heat, furniture et al. were essential to daily life, and  the resultant objects ran the gamut from simple to elegant. Hundreds of years later we view these objects quite differently. As owners and collectors and quality, aesthetics, condition and provenance are all relevant considerations. Snyder guides us through both the history of these items, their role in early American life and ultimately in understanding their value as collectible objects.

Winter Antiques Show
Jan 29

Winter Antiques Show

  • Park Avenue Armory

The Winter Antiques Show is the leading art, antiques, and design fair in America, where curators, designers, and collectors vie for the best works on the market, from Antiquity through the present.